About Us

Ruby Pursuit is an online only women's boutique offering quality and affordable pieces in SM-3X as well statement accessories.

Started by two BFF's, Mandy and Gloria, that share a passion for family, fashion and faith.

About the name: We are both wordsmiths and love quotes, phrases and Bible verses. We prefer names with meaning and wanted the name to exemplify our personal goals. In Proverbs 31, the virtuous woman is described as "more precious than rubies." It's both mine and Mandy's goal every day to be the best version of ourselves FOR ourselves and our families. This is one of the many reasons we have become such close dear friends over the years. It's a constant pursuit that will never stop and we love to encourage one another to continue to grow! 

Although confidence comes from within, feeling good about your appearance certainly helps! There's nothing quite like a cute top or great pair of jeans to give us a little boost while we work on ourselves from the inside out. We all love the way we feel in a fresh look!🔥This is a community that is built around making you feel good in pursuit of becoming the best version of YOU! You, my friend, are more precious than rubies!♥️